Suggested Prayer of the Faithful

  1. We pray for X in baptism he/she was given the pledge of eternal life. May he/she now be admitted to the company of the saints. Lord, hear us.

  2. We pray in thanksgiving for all the blessings that came to so many people through the life of X may he/she now receive the fullness of God’s blessings in eternity. Lord, hear us.

  3. God, you are full of mercy and compassion. Forgive X any sins he/she committed through human weakness. Lord, hear us.

  4. X touched all our lives. Help us to keep alive the values and the ideals he/she put before us. Lord, hear us.

  5. We pray for all our departed brothers and sisters. Today we pray for… May X be reunited with them in God’s kingdom where there is no more pain or suffering. Lord, hear us.

  6. We pray for the family and friends of X in these difficult days may the Lord be their strength and their consolation. Lord, hear us.

  7. May the God of all consolation be with all who are in sorrow and mourning the loss of X May he give them the courage and strength to live through this time of suffering which has been laid upon them and give them a deep peace, which only can give. Lord, hear us.

  8. Today we are saddened by the loss of one whom we have loved; may our hope in the Resurrection and the promise of eternal life bring us comfort and turn our sadness to joy. Lord, hear us.

  9. We pray for all who are gathered here in worship. May our own lives bear witness to the generous love of the Lord who lived, died and rose from the dead so that we may have life and have it to the full. Lord, hear us.

  10. God of all consolation, help us in our grief to comfort one another. May we find light in time of darkness, and faith in time of doubt. Lord, hear us.

  11. We pray for all our deceased relatives and friends. May the Lord bring them into the light of his presence and give them a share in his glory. Lord, hear us.

  12. We pray for all who are suffering with ill health at this time. May they experience the loving kindness of the Lord in and through all who journey with them. Lord, hear us.

  13. We ask the Lord’s blessings on all those who are seriously ill. Be close to them in their time of sickness, and if it be our will, heal them and restore them to full health again. Lord, hear us.

  14. We remember today those who are terminally ill. May the Lord be close to them as they enter into the last stage of their journey towards their homeland. Lord, hear us.

  15. We remember the staff at the hospital/North West Hospice who were so good and caring to N. during his/her illness. (We thank the palliative care team who helped us so much while X was at home). We remember all who are suffering from terminal illness, we pray for them and their families and all medical professionals that the Lord may always be their support. Lord, hear us.