Market House, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland


When a loved one passes away while abroad or indeed while visiting Ireland, and their remains need to be transferred either back to Ireland or to their home country, you can rest assure that the staff at both funeral homes through their experience in dealing with these situations will work extensively on your behalf to ensure a smooth transfer of your loved ones remains from the relevant country back home.

Our staff will obtain the necessary paperwork and deal with the appropriate authorities in Ireland and the relevant country on your behalf to make sure that delays in repatriation are adverted. You will be kept informed at all stages throughout the process so that unnecessary stress is avoided in not knowing what is happening.

Alongside these arrangements our staff can liaise with the immediate family to make the preliminary funeral arrangements. In doing so, we will guarantee that the appropriate personal and arrangements are in place to fulfil the next stage of preparing the deceased for the funeral arrangements once their remains have returned to Ireland or their home country.

It is the priority of all our staff to ensure that no unnecessary stress is added to the bereaved family at this difficult time and repatriation and funeral arrangements are dealt with in a professional manner that will ensure dignity and respect at all times to those involved.