Market House, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland


We consider the most essential aspect of a Funeral Directors service to a bereaved family is providing them with an opportunity to view their loved one in a manner that is dignified and respectful. In order for this to occur although not a requirement, we would recommend that the deceased is hygienically treated.

This is a process carried out that in its simplest form slows down the decomposition cycle which can affect the appearance of the deceased. In allowing our qualified staff to carry out this process this gives them the time required to prepare and care for your loved one so that you the grieving family are given the opportunity to spend much needed time to help you come to terms with your loss.

We understand through our experience how important it is to you the grieving family to know that your loved one has been given the attention they deserve to ensure they look their best. Preparation for any special occasion in life takes time, and Death is no exception.

Attention to detail ensures that the dignity of the deceased is maintained at all times.

Be comforted in knowing that our qualified embalmers are trained to the standards of the European Association of Embalmers and the British Institute of Embalmers and undergo continuous training in embalming and cosmetology for the deceased. Where a tragic death as occurred, our staff are trained to do their very best to make viewing of the deceased possible.