Market House, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland

Advance Funeral Planning

In times of financial uncertainty, it is comforting to know that you have the option to pre-plan your funeral in a way that will meet your requirements and allow for financial provisions to be put in place to cover the costs involved.

Those that have used our pre-plan service found it provided them with a peace of mind knowing that their funeral arrangements were dealt with and no unnecessary financial burdens would be left to their beloved family at a time that undoubtedly would be a difficult one.

Taking control of your own arrangements is a simple and practical way of reducing additional stress and anxiety on your loved ones. It is also comforting to you knowing that your final wishes have been made known to your chosen funeral director and that arrangements will be carried out as you have instructed.

Our Staff members are here to listen to your needs, assist in documenting your final wishes and providing you with a breakdown of costs that would be covered when the time arises. A copy of all documentation outlining your requirements will be provided so that you can inform your family members and legal representative of the arrangements you have in place.

Please note that costs outside the control of your funeral director will not be included in the pre-plan service agreement i.e. cemetery costs, disbursement costs, media costs. However assistance will be provided to your family regarding the application of bereavement grants should they apply.