Market House, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland


Martina Burns
Funeral Director, Embalmer

Mary McGowan
Administration, Embalmer

Brid McGowan
Administration, ICT

McGowan's Funeral Home is an equal opportunity employer.  We have male and female staff who are trained in every aspect of funeral arrangement and preparation.

We also have gender balance among our embalming staff. 

Respect for and preservation of the dignity of the deceased is the most important feature of our embalming service. 

All embalming staff are fully trained in all aspects of cosmetology  and adhere to the needs of the deceased and requests of the bereaved for every individual.

We believe strongly in the importance of bereaved persons being able to see their loved one before finally saying 'Goodbye' . We know that this plays a vital role in the grieving process.

We have specially trained staff who will do their very best to make viewing  possible in the aftermath of a tragic death.