Funeral Pre-Need Plan

Your funeral, your way!

Pre-planning your funeral with Horizon gives you the guarantee that all your wishes will be honoured and carried-out in a respectful and caring manner.
Horizon Funeral Plans, Ltd. offer you the flexibility to choose and pay only for the services you want. No other service or merchandise will be included in the plan unless you request for them.

Flexible & Personal

We understand the importance of providing personalised services. We believe that arranging a funeral must be as personal as writing your last will. Horizon only agrees to include and cover the services you require. We do not believe in packaged plans but we are committed into accommodating your personal wishes and preferences. Pre-arranging your funeral with Horizon is like writing your will with your solicitor. Our authorised funeral directors are trained professionals that can help you arrange your future funeral, your way.

Easy Payment Scheme

This scheme is unique to Horizon. Our Easy Payment Scheme offers you the most flexibility in paying for your Funeral Plan. You can choose from our standard options—One-time Payment, Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Monthly instalments. If none of the above options suit your personal circumstances, you may speak with your Funeral Director and arrange an easy payment option where you can come and pay any amount at anytime that would suit you.

Frozen Funeral Costs

If you pay for your plan in full, the cost of our services will freeze.

Local & Professional

Horizon believes in trust and professionalism in service. We understand that pre-arranging a funeral is not similar to any daily task. It is a sensitive and uncomfortable topic for most, which is why at Foley&McGowan’s Funeral Home, we invite you to call and make an appointment to be guided with ease throughout the process.
The knowledge that your pre-funeral arrangements will be dealt with professionally, compassionately and confidentially by Foley&McGowan’s Funeral Services, will give you peace of mind and ease in bringing out your personal wishes and preferences.
Phone us anytime to arrange a meeting with one of our funeral directors – 0719162140