Cremation Service

Cremation serves as an alternative option for those who do not wish to be buried. Our Funeral Directors will deal with all matters regarding the Cremation of a loved one from completing the necessary documentation to ensuring that all necessary information gathered to make certain that the arrangements required are dealt with appropriately.

How Cremation is to be considered in the overall Funeral Service will be discussed on a one to one basis with family members as no two arrangements will be the same.

A great benefit of choosing cremation as your final committal is that your family are left with time to decide where to inter or scatter your ashes. There are many options for keepsake urns which allow your loved ones to keep a piece of you close to their hearts for comfort forever.

Ashes to Art – Made By EttieEttie fuses glass to create one off, bespoke pieces of art or jewelry which contain a small portion of a loved ones ash. It’s completely camouflaged into the design of the piece so only you will know the real significance of the piece. When you hold a piece like this, we feel that it connects you to your loved ones spirit and is a great source of comfort throughout the grieving process. Call Ettie today on 0894411692 or call into her store in Collooney, Co. Sligo.

Keepsake Card

At Foley and McGowan’s Funeral Directors, we empathise with your pain of losing a person that is very dear to you.

We have designed The Keepsake Card to enable you to keep a lock of hair, a fingerprint or some ash close to you at all times.

The card is designed to fit in your wallet or phone case as it is about the size of a credit card.

You can combine a photo, with some ash or a lock of hair, and keep them protected inside The Keepsake Card is a beautiful way to hold your loved one close you.

Many draw comfort from being able to connect in a special way while holding The Keepsake Card.

For many, the card has helped them through the toughest days of grief, knowing that they can feel a physical connection while at the same time being able to feel a sense of spiritual connection.

Everyone grieves differently, and the trauma of loss can delay the grief journey for a long time for some. Having a part of your loved one with you, can be a solace at times when you miss your loved one the most.