Market House, Market Yard, Sligo, Ireland

Foley and McGowan's Funeral Directors, Sligo.

In Foley and McGowan's, we are dedicated to providing a caring, professional service in all aspects of the arrangement of a funeral.

Our caring and dedicated members of staff are highly trained and exercise discretion and sensitivity at all times.

David McGowan, CEO and founder of the company as it is now known, has always been a leader in the profession, constantly seeking out ways of improving the services provided to those who are bereaved, while honouring the dignity of the deceased.

Our main ethos is to respect the uniqueness of each deceased person. We endeavour at all times to provide funeral services to suit the needs of the deceased and bereaved alike.

We believe in confidentiality when working with deceased persons and with bereaved family and friends.

With our experience and knowledge, we are able to advise you on the funeral plan best suited to your needs, and can help you to keep unnecessary costs to a minimum when planning a funeral.

We are familiar with the procedures for Cremation, Post Mortem, and Repatriation, and can help with death registration and applications for death grants.

We also provide hygienic treatment, with a focus on being true to how the deceased person liked to appear for special occasions during his/ her lifetime.

We maintain high standards within our facilities, with stylish, comfortable rooms, to make all visitors feel at home.

Our modern vehicles are of the highest quality, and are maintained to a very high standard.

We facilitate memorial services, whether denominational or non-denominational. We understand that families and close friends of the deceased often wish to spend private time in the company of the deceased. We are committed to ensuring that this important time goes undisturbed.


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